Dymo 1983172 / S0722400 Compatible Labels, 89mm x 36mm, 260 Labels, White, Permanent

SKU: DY-1983172-TP-WHI
Paper of sustainable origin.
89mm x 36mm (3-1/2 x 1-3/7) 260 labels permanent adhesive Direct thermal (top)

The compatible Dymo 1983172 labels (3-1/2' x 1-3/7'). These labels are made of white thermal material and have a permanent adhesive strength.


Note: Not compatible with the Dymo LW 550 series and Dymo 5XL series


Dymo 1983172 compatible labels from Zolemba offer many advantages!

The Dymo 1983172 is produced in the Netherlands like all our other unprinted labels. Zolemba can maintain and guarantee the quality through its own production. We produce our labels with FSC paper, making the compatible Dymo 1983172 labels, in addition to cheaper, also more environmentally friendly than the expensive, original products. You notice the only difference in your wallet. Thermal material means that these labels can be printed with a thermal printer, namely the Dymo LabelWriter. Thermal labels discolour by means of heat, so no ink is needed in the printer.

Suitable for many applications

The Dymo 1983172 compatible labels are mostly used for address labels and stamp labels. Zolemba does not only have the Dymo 1983172 compatible labels in-house. We can also offer you a starter package that includes everything: an original Dymo LabelWriter 450 Turbo, complete with a number of rolls of Dymo 1983172 or 99010 compatible labels.

You can buy compatible Dymo 1983172 labels quickly and easily at Zolemba

Are you ready for new Dymo labels? Forget the pricey, original products. Zolemba delivers the same quality for a much better price. We can supply you with more than 20 different types of compatible Dymo labels.

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To help conserve the environment and minimize packaging waste, this product is only available in packs. We adjusted the choosen amount by you to fit the package sizes.
89mm x 36mm
Direct thermal (top)
Glue Selection
Printer Type
Dymo LW 450
Dymo LW 4XL
Maximum Roll Diameter
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