Logo Stickers

Logo stickers with the branding of your company are usable for many applications. When you go to a fair you can use the stickers to advertise your brand and give them to new clients. When you send post boxes, envelopes or folders you can use the company stickers to ensure that everybody sees where it comes from. Use the custom logo stickers of Zolemba to promote your company in a cost effective and easy way.

If you want your logo stickers to have a special shape, material or adhesive we will customize the company stickers for you. You can send us your own branding design and we will print them exactly as you need them to be. Even custom logo stickers will be ready for delivery within 24 hours.

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Custom Logo Stickers

With our label configurator you can make your own company stickers in a few steps. You just have to go through the following steps to order your custom logo stickers.

Step 1. Select the size of your labels

Step 2. Choose the shape of your labels

Step 3. Select the right material

Step 4. Select the adhesive (removable or permanent)

Step 5. Choose the core size (depending on your printer)

Step 6. Choose the winding

Step 7. Select the number of models

Step 8. Select the number of labels per roll

Step 9. Select the print (full color or blanco)

Step 10. Choose the total amount of labels you want to order

In our submission rules and guidelines you can see how to send your file to us for your round stickers. Because we use a laser to cut the stickers, you need to send us a file with a dieline. You can add a dieline to your file in Illustrator. The dieline shows us that you want to order a round sticker. If you want it to be oval or another shape you just have to change the dieline.

For questions about the possibilities you can call us at +31 (0)53-7370160 or send an e-mail. Our customer service is happy to help you and inform you about all our products and services.

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