Strengthen your brand with printed logo stickers from Zolemba


Logo Stickers

With Zolemba's user-friendly configurator, ordering printed logo stickers has never been easier! Whether you're a startup or looking for printed logo or address stickers on a roll for all branches of your business, our printed logo stickers are the perfect solution.

Eye-catching promotion with stickers featuring your logo

Logo stickers are a cost-effective and versatile way to promote your brand. Stick the logo stickers on your shipping boxes, product packaging, or corporate gifts to enhance the visibility and professionalism of your brand. It's a great way to promote your brand! At Zolemba, you can choose from various materials, ensuring there's always a material that suits your needs. For example, use a paper logo sticker as a seal sticker, or opt for a premium look with our silver or Antique White materials. Antique White is a luxurious 90-gram paper with embossing. And if you want a unique shape for your logo stickers? That's possible too! Because we die-cut all labels with a laser, we're not limited to fixed shapes, and you never pay die-cutting costs at Zolemba.

Logo stickers with fast delivery

We understand better than anyone that you want to keep moving and not dwell too long on ordering logo stickers. You can submit your design to us by 3:00 PM, and that day will count as the first production day. Ordering your stickers is easy with our user-friendly configurator. Our automatic file checking system always checks for more than 100 points, and with the First Class service level, our DTP department personally checks your design for possible design errors. This ensures you get a good end result! And if you're in a hurry, opt for our 24-hour delivery. You can submit your file by 3:00 PM, and your logo stickers will be sent as an express delivery and delivered by 12:00 PM.


Curious about our configurator? Click the button below to get started. Need assistance? Our service team is ready to help you with ordering logo stickers. Click here to contact us.

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