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Sustainable Paper Labels

All our paper materials for printed labels are FSC-certified. This means the wood comes from sustainably managed forests, with consideration for people, nature, and local economy. No deforestation takes place here, but the existing ecosystem is preserved or improved. Our materials Paper White Permanent, Thermo Top, and Thermo Eco are made from NXT-paper. NXT-paper is certified by Carbon Trust, and uses less raw materials, energy, and water than standard paper.


Sustainable Plastic Labels

In the realm of plastic labels, in addition to traditional PP and PET, we also offer sustainable alternatives.

PP Forest

PP Forest is a plastic material that is not manufactured from fossil fuels, but from tree resin from sustainably managed forests. Despite the replacement of fossil fuels, the material properties are equivalent to traditional PP White / PET Transparent.
PP Forest Transparent can be ordered from Zolemba in white (>85% sustainable resources) or transparent (>90% sustainable resources).

PP Ocean Bound

PP Ocean Bound material is made from plastic that is collected from beaches in places like Malaysia before it ends up in the sea. Thanks to the special recycling process, PP Ocean Bound material has the same properties as traditional PP White / PET Transparent. The material is ISCC-Plus certified, a standard where human rights, safe working conditions, and preservation of biodiversity are central.4
PP Ocean Bound can be ordered from Zolemba in white (>85% recycled material) or transparent (>90% recycled material).

Convinced of a more sustainable alternative? Order your sustainable labels easily and quickly via our online configurator.

Would you like to know more first? Feel free to contact us at or +44 1926 895959.

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