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About Zolemba

Zolemba is a company born from astonishment.

Why does it take days, sometimes weeks, to order and deliver printed labels? How difficult could it be to do it faster?

In reality it turns out to be logical:

  1. Creating printing plates, 24 hours
  2. Ordering materials, 3 days delivery time
  3. Creating a punching plate, 5 days delivery time
  4. Ordering a punching cylinder, 2 weeks delivery time
  5. Transport, 24 hours

Our process

Zolemba went looking for machines that reduce this process to hours instead of days.


We came with a digital process that print and punch the label.


Our machines print with the newest digital UV inkjet technology and punch the label with two lasers instead of a flexible die.

Because of this revolutionary process, we're able to change from design to print or punch within seconds.

Free file check

Easy and fast


The delivery of files can be easily and quickly through our unique file control. The files are checked on all major points. A certified PDF file will be created, completely ready for printing.

We also offer the ability to deliver through e-mail and normal upload. The files are then checked in the background by our system. If the files don't meet our criteria, we will contact you to let you know how to deliver print-ready files.


Your design

When it comes to DTP tasks we've a very specialised club of people within Zolemba. You can do the formatting and designing of your files, however we can support you if you need help. We do this of course for a special price.