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Create your own printed label

Ordering your custom made printed labels is easily done with our step-by-step process. It's basically made of ten steps, which have to be accomplished. After having controlled your data, you can upload your file(s).
We are also gladly at your disposal for any further advice & guidance for your perfect customised label! Therefore feel free to contact us for our tailor made service.

Upload your own files

Begin by creating your order. After your order has been placed, you can upload your files.

Step 1 - Size

Your label can come in any shape like square, triangular or round. You can also design your own shape. Fill in the width of the widest point of your design and the hight of the highest point of your design. The corners of the label are always 2 mm rounded on default.



Step 2 - Total quantity of labels per model

Step 3 - Shape of your label

Step 4 - Material

Step 5 - Adhesive Type

Step 6 - Core (diameter)

Step 7 - Winding

Step 8 - Amount of labels per roll

Step 9 - Print