6 tips to make the most out of Black Friday


Whether you wish to see your store crowded like an anthill or you're aiming to get your business out of the red with this key day, as a retailer you don't want to miss out on Black Friday! Indeed, in the Netherlands, the online consumer spends approximately 123% more than usual during the week leading up to Black Friday. From Christmas gifts to purchases for the home or business, Black Friday sales increased by 15% in 2019 and by another 10% in 2020.


All the more reason to ensure the right preparation and timing! Are your logistics processes and staff ready to go? Do you have enough packaging material and labels stocked? With these six tips, you'll be well prepared for Black Friday 2021. 



6 TIPS...




1. Start organising on time 


A whopping 62% of sales are already made in the days leading up to Black Friday. Which is why it's wise to get as much exposure as possible, not only on Black Friday and the days after it, including Cyber Monday.

It's in your best interest to advertise on the days before, too. Many major retailers even run Black Friday deals for the entire week.

And as with everything, early preparation prevents last minute stress. So get everything ready well before Black Friday and the week itself will be a lot more relaxed. 










2. Reward loyal customers 


New customers are great and the more's the merrier, of course, but don't forget those customers you already have. At Zolemba, loyal customers get a little bit extra in the week leading up to Black Friday. What kind of thank you or reward will you offer your returning customers? Sort this out in time and you've already got a headstart. 










  1. 3. Make a back-up plan 
  2. Suppose your webshop runs out of stock faster than expected. Well, if you have a well thought out plan B to switch to, you can save yourself and your staff a lot of headaches. What alternative products can you offer customers? What's your communication like regarding extra long delivery times?
  3. The more you've thought through your back-up plan, the smoother things will go when you encounter problems. And, by the way, imagine your labels run out in no time. Then you know where to find Zolemba, right? In any event, we will have our shelves full! 









4. Place customer support on high alert   


A good returns process - with pre-printed returns labels and, for example, packaging with a returns seal - increases customer satisfaction. As a matter of fact, research shows that up to 96% of online shoppers will buy from you again if an exchange or return goes smoothly. In addition, a smooth returns process saves your customer service a whole lot of time. Time you can really use in this busy period! So make it easy for your customers and yourself, and order your return labels on time. For example, from Zolemba ;-).











5. Conduct a logistics analysis of your warehouse


Activities in your warehouse probably reach a peak during the end-of-year period. Sufficient personnel and the right machinery and packaging systems should never be regarded as a luxury you can dispense with. Just like sufficient labels in stock, of course! And have you ever thought of label printers or hand scanners for more efficiency in your logistics processes? Our customer service will be glad to tell you more about the advantages of these practical tools. 










6. Take global delivery issues into account 


Partly due to the increase in online shopping, companies all over the world are suffering from raw material and staff shortages, as well as other factors causing delays. So stock up before the rush hits - and we're not just talking about those products you normally sell, but also any other products you'll need for a smooth ordering process. For example, there's a major shortage of boxes and paper. There's even talk of 'pulp friction', which has led to rising prices and large-scale delivery issues.  

Remember: the earlier you order your Zolemba labels, the more certain you'll be of having them before the orders start flying in. We'll gladly help you along with advice, ultrafast delivery, and more than enough stock of both shipping and address labels. Good to know, because that's how you'll be ideally equipped for Black Friday! 




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