Packaging Labels


Depending on your product you choose a particular material for your packaging labels. This decision has to be made in the third step in the label configurator. You can choose from PP, PET or paper. For use inside, you can choose paper. For outside use, you should choose a plastic material because it is water resistant, scratch resistant and colourfast. For more information about the materials take a look at our website.

The label configurator consists of the following steps:

Step 1. Select the size of your labels

Step 2. Choose the shape of your labels

Step 3. Select the right material

Step 4. Select the adhesive (removable or permanent)

Step 5. Choose the core size (depending on your printer)

Step 6. Choose the winding

Step 7. Select the number of models

Step 8. Select the number of labels per roll

Step 9. Select the print (full color or blanco)

Step 10. Choose the total amount of labels you want to order


Besides special address labels or packaging labels you can use standard labels as packaging labels too. There are several labels available like the ‘breakable contents’ or GHS warning labels. You can find these labels and many more on Zolemba.

For questions about the possibilities you can call us at +31 (0)53-7370160 or send an e-mail. Our customer service is happy to help you and inform you about all our products and services.


Order your labels here

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