The Zolembase

Our sample packages are back and even better than before! With great pride, we present the Zolembase, label sample essentials. The Zolembase is a Zolemba trial kit, it will help answer all your questions and guide you by giving you insight into our available materials, adhesives and technical specifications. Starting today, you can request the Zolembase free of charge at Zolemba. As always; simple ordering process, fast delivery and high quality.


The Label Matrix

The Zolembase consists of a label matrix and different sample sheets. The label matrix can be found within the folder and gives a quick overview of possible label options. For example, you can check and test which labels that best suits your preference. This way you can filter out which samples you want to test out.

The Sample Sheets


here are 21 sample sheets in total in the Zolembase. These sample sheets are produced by us and are therefore identical to our products. You get an impression about the types of printing, such as Full Colour (+white) and blank.


he sample sheets contain examples of our entire assortment, which you can test for your applications.

The types of sample sheets are produced are: Paper White, Paper White Opaque, Paper Silver Metallic, Paper Gold, Paper Fluorescent Yellow, Paper Fluorescent Orange, White, PP Silver Metallic, PET White, PET Transparent, PET Silver Matte and PET Silver Metallic. These types of materials are combined with various types of adhesives: Permanent, Extra Permanent, Removable, Ultra Removable, Ultra Strong and Freezer.

Order Your Zolembase

You can order your own personal copy of the Zolembase via the link below. This will forward you to the product page of the sample packages. Like any other product on Zolemba, you can place it in your shopping cart and proceed to checkout. The sample packages are offered free of charge, but not including shipping costs.


Order your Zolembase here



f you have questions about the Zolembase, you can always contact us

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