The golden secret of Zolemba

Do you want to give your labels an extra luxurious look? Then choose a gold print on PET Metallic Silver material. This material provides a brilliant golden shine that will definitely make your products stand out on the shelves.

How do you create the perfect golden print?

The secret of Zolemba is that we don't charge high costs for a

golden shine. While other companies charge extra for gold foil

printing, at Zolemba it costs no more than any other color.

We achieve this by using a PET Metallic Silver label, combined

with the use of opaque white and the right color combination.


The right color combination is crucial

It is important to add the correct percentage of yellow and magenta to your file. Zolemba

recommends an ink percentage of 91 for yellow and 29 for magenta for the golden color.

This combination will give you the perfect golden shine you are looking for. This color

combination on the metallic silver label gives a beautiful golden look. Don't forget to add

opaque white above the texts or images that you don't want in gold. Opaque white is an

extra layer in your design that ensures that a white layer is printed before any other color.

This way, both the golden color and the other colors will stand out the most.
















But how do you exactly add white ink in your design?

In Adobe Illustrator, you can easily place an extra white ink layer on top of the

desired element. Make sure both the fill and strokes are set to 'overprint' and

ensure that anything that needs to be printed in white has the fill color 'white_ink',

including the white text! This ensures the best possible result. For colored or

transparent labels, white is not printed unless it contains white ink.


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At Zolemba, you can benefit from fast delivery times and the ability to produce everything in-house. Simply choose the number of labels you need and the desired delivery time in the label configurator,

and we will make sure that your labels with gold printing are delivered to you in no time.


Don't wait any longer and create your own unique and premium labels with our configurator. Click on the link now and discover how easy it is to print your labels!



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