The Golden Mystery

We found the perfect way to add golden prints to your label. For free! It's easy, fast en already used by many.

Create a special label by adding gold print

Making your own labels already has an exclusive feeling to it, due to the unique design only you are using. At Zolemba we always try to innovate and find new challenging ways of making your designs even more special. Our newest feature is printing gold coloured labels!

To add that little certain something, we now offer to create part of the design or the whole label in a gold coloured print.



The golden mystery


Making your design pop by using golden labels

Setting small features onto your full-coloured labels is one of the best options when it comes to making your design pop. At Zolemba you can exactly choose where you want your gold coloured features to be applied.

The shiny golden labels stand out and can find their purpose within a broad range of different designs. A gold coloured design can be applied to beer labels, wine labels. It even can be added to address labels to give them a feeling of exclusivity.

Your gold upgrade: From design to print

The secret to adding a golden colour to your label is by choosing the correct material: Pet Metallic Silver. You can pick this material within the label configurator.


The golden print will emerge once you choose the right percentage of yellow and magenta in your design. After selecting the locations of the gold print, the percentage of the colours needs to be set to 91% yellow and 29% magenta.



Utilize White Ink

When you choose for a gold print, then it is essential to add white ink under your text or image. The white ink layer in your design will be printed first and then the golden color will be printed on above. Because of the white ink layer, the gold color will appear more “colorfast”, vibrant and clear in your design. Continue reading here on how to place white ink to your design.

Add White Ink To Your Design

To apply white ink to your design, in Illustrator, place an additional layer with white ink beneath the desired element, set the parent element to “overprint”. White ink indicates you as a spot color with the name “white_ink”.

Not just another beer bottle: Brewboys show off their design


Create your own printed label


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