The secret behind the PP white labels from City brewery De Deftige Aap

Do you want your products to stand out among the rest with a unique look? With us, you can find labels in all shapes and sizes, made from different materials, each with its own advantages and applications.

For our friends at Stadsbrouwerij Deftige Aap, we were able to produce custom, unique labels for their beverage bottles. Do you also want to know how they did it and how you too can elevate your brand image to a higher level? 
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Who are city brewery Deftige Aap?

At city brewery de Deftige Aap, located at the Markt in Helmond, everything

revolves around enjoying delicious beer and tasty food. But it's more than

just a restaurant, because we brew our own beers on the premises and

have recently opened our own liquor store. Here you can not only buy our

beers to take home, but also sample and purchase our own gins, liqueurs,

and whiskey. As the owner of Brabant's Tastiest Beer 2019, we are proud

to introduce the first Helmond Single Malt Whiskey and continue to

innovate with now 10 different cold beers on tap. And what makes our

products even more attractive are our unique Zolemba labels. Our labels

are almost (or completely) hand-illustrated. With the eccentric design and

unique die-cutting, we, together with the Zolemba team, always ensure

the best possible labels. Our customers love them, and we are very happy

with the successful collaboration, where we are always well-supported and

the contact is very pleasant in order to achieve a fantastic result together.

In short, at Deftige Aap, you are in the right place for the ultimate enjoyment

of beer and food, at home or in our restaurant.










What makes this label so unique?




Chic and Sleek

Choose clear and distinct labels for your products with PP white

labels! These Polypropylene labels provide excellent adhesion

on various surfaces and are perfect for various applications and

industries. The clear white colour of the PP white labels provides

a fresh and sleek look, making your products look professional

and well-cared for. With the ability to be printed with custom

designs and colours, you can create a unique and eye-catching

label that perfectly fits your brand. This way, you can be sure

that your brand stands out and is recognized by your

customers,thanks to the versatility and excellent quality of

PP white labels.








Custom free-form die-cut possibilities

Complete your products with unique die-cutting shapes from Zolemba!

Our modern machines produce shapes of various sizes and shapes,

including your own logo. At our facility, labels are printed and cut

with unparalleled precision, ensuring quick and perfect results.

Additionally, we can apply a protective matte or gloss coating to

make them resistant to wear and exposure to water, oil, and

chemicals. This way, your labels not only look better but also

become more practical and durable. Our specialists are ready

to work with you to create the perfect finish!




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If you are looking for reliable, durable, and visually appealing labels for your products, choose PP white labels. With their versatile applicability and clear colour display, they are the perfect choice to make your brand stand out and ensure that your products are recognized. At Zolemba, you can count on high-quality products and reliable, fast service.


Don't wait any longer and create your own unique and premium labels with our configurator. Click on the link now and discover how easy it is to print your labels!









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