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From distribution center to brewery, and from lubricant producer to construction company: Zolemba's customer base is extremely diverse! We regularly highlight one of our customers. Recently, we spoke with Anton Beusekom about the collaboration between his company Snoozeshot and Zolemba.

A new product for sleepless nights, but in a nice package. Anton Beusekom is the proud inventor of Snoozeshot. Anton himself had trouble sleeping and had tried everything: pills, drinks, and so on. All with a medical and boring appearance, with little to no results. "There must be a better and more fun way," he thought, and Snoozeshot was born, a shot before bedtime. For the development of his product, Anton drew inspiration from the well-known Dropshot, but of course without alcohol. The idea was there, now he just needed to secure the finances. In total, 40,000 euros were invested over a period of 2 years, of which more than 20,000 euros were raised through crowdfunding via social media. This gave Snoozeshot anything but a sleepy start!

The golden formula

Snoozeshot contains the natural ingredient lactium®. Lactium® is a protein that helps babies sleep well, but this protein decreases as you get older. This is why many people experience difficulty falling asleep or sleeping poorly as they age. Through an innovative process, researchers succeeded in isolating the bioactive lactium®, allowing adults to also benefit from the advantages of this protein. After the initial tests, 8 out of 10 people were extremely satisfied. Anton now possesses a golden formula!

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Label appearance

Alongside his nephew Jelle (DTP specialist), Anton worked on the look of the labels for Snoozeshot bottles and boxes. They wanted it to resemble a liquor bottle. They also wanted to incorporate golden elements because they were dealing with a golden formula. "Unfortunately, foil stamping for labels is expensive and too shiny." For this, Zolemba provided the perfect solution. By using white ink on PP Silver material and leaving certain parts of the label unprinted, the Snoozeshot label not only got a golden finish but also silver, without any additional costs. Combined with a matte finish, the result is a beautiful premium label.

The launch

Snoozeshot was launched online on June 15, 2024, and at the Albert Cuyp Market in Amsterdam, right outside Anton's door.
The first 100 bottles were sold here. For now, Snoozeshot has been launched in the Netherlands and Belgium, but Anton has big ambitions to conquer the Benelux first with Snoozeshot, followed by Germany and then the rest of Europe. Check out Snoozeshot products via the website:

Interested in participating in an interview with us and having free product photos taken? Contact us at or +31 53 737 0160.

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