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From distribution centers to breweries, and from lubricant producers to construction companies, Zolemba's client base is incredibly diverse! We regularly highlight one of our customers. Recently, we spoke with sambal chef Karl Dahler about the collaboration between his company Oma Dée and Zolemba.

The history
of Oma Dée

Oma Dée is a sambal producer named after Karl Dahler's grandmother, Oma Dée. Karl started making sambal in his own kitchen at home and sold it through a small webshop to see if it would be popular. This grassroots approach proved successful, and in 2015, Oma Dée was approached by a wholesaler. This was a turning point for Karl and his cousin Peter. They decided to build a professional kitchen and expand the business further. Many of the sambals sold today still use Oma Dée's original recipe, giving the sambal an authentic and personal touch.

The unique offering of Oma Dée

Currently, Oma Dée offers 12 different flavors of sambal. Additionally, a special flavor is added each year for true spicy food enthusiasts, as Karl describes it as shockingly hot. What makes Oma Dée unique is its use of local ingredients. All ingredients come from within a 10 km radius of De Lier (Westland). The peppers used in the sambal are picked in the morning, ensuring freshness and guaranteed flavor. Up to 900 jars of sambal can be prepared within 5 hours! Furthermore, all recipes are vegetarian and free from salt and preservatives. This makes Oma Dée's sambal appealing to vegetarians, vegans, those on low-salt diets, and anyone who enjoys healthy and delicious food. Oma Dée collaborates with major companies such as Crisp and Jumbo. For instance, Jumbo was seeking a sustainable Asian product for their range and found it in Oma Dée's sambal.

Packaging Choice

All of Oma Dée's sambal is packaged in 200 ml jars. Karl believes this size is perfect for maintaining the sambal's freshness. The jars are adorned with printed labels from Zolemba, made from white paper with gloss varnish. This gives the sambal a luxurious and sleek look. Moreover, the gloss varnish provides better protection against condensation on the labels, which is ideal as the sambal is stored in the refrigerator after opening. The permanent adhesive ensures the labels stick well, even if the jars are reused.

Pride and Motivation

According to Karl, one of the greatest rewards of his work is when people personally thank him for the delicious sambal. He takes great pride in the positive feedback from his customers. The collaboration between Zolemba and Oma Dée not only offers delicious sambal but also an inspiring story of passion, authenticity, and dedication. With its focus on local ingredients, freshness, and customer satisfaction, Oma Dée remains a unique player in the sambal market.

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