18 Facts and Secrets About Zolemba

In 2006, we started the sale of our blank labels on eBay. Now, 12 years later, we manufacture labels for companies all over the world, and we are still growing. Our creative team has come up with 18 facts about Zolemba to give you a quick look behind the scenes.


  1. Produced more than 3 million custom-made labels in a duration of one year!
  2. ¿Te gustaría ver nuestro sitio web en español? Esto no es un inconveniente. ;) We speak over 6 languages at Zolemba!
  3. 45 real team players are ready to serve you everyday.
  4. Talented team with ages ranging between 16 upto 40 years old make working together at Zolemba fun.
  5. All our products are produced by us, in-house, in our own production park.
  6. Innovation is a MUST. That is why we have expanded our machinery in 2017 with 3 new machines.
  7. From small to large: Our journey began years back with eBay!
  8. Two become one: LabelDiscounter and EtiketXL are now Zolemba.
  9. Team players from all over the world! Within the walls of Zolemba you will find at least 14 different nationalities
  10. Over 500+ products available in our webshop!
  11. We deliver in 32 different countries together with DHL
  12. Zolembasis remains in the hands of the real Zolemboss.
  13. With our self-built system, we are able to operate everything by ourselves
  14. Zolemba: The people make the company.
  15. Zolemba remains unique, even with the packaging!
  16. Conquering the world from Haaksbergen, “The Star of Twente”
  17. Keep calm and drink coffee.
  18. Fridays are always a party at Zolemba!

Want to know more? Read the extended version below!

 18 Zolemba Facts

1. In one year we produced more than 3,000,000 meters of printed labels

In addition to unprinted labels, we also print customized labels! In just a few steps you can have your designs printed as a label.

2. We speak many languages!

With our new website, we are now available in 10 countries with over 6 different languages. ¿Te gustaría ver nuestro sitio web en español? Esto no es un inconveniente. ;)

3. Our team currently consists of 45 colleagues

Our team has grown over the years to a record number of 45 employees, all divided in over 5 departments. In addition, we are always looking for enthusiastic talents who want to strengthen our team. Does it seem nice and challenging to work at Zolemba? Keep an eye out on our job openings page.

4. Great talents make working together fun

DThe employees of Zolemba are young and fun with ages ranging from 16 to 40. The average age is 28 years old. The team is very sociable and work great together. Activities and outings are even done together on spare time.

5. Quality guaranteed through its own production facility

Our labels are made in our production facility located in the Netherlands. This way we can monitor, control and therefore guaranteeing always top quality.

6. Innovation is a MUST

The technical developments in the label market goes particularly fast. In order to meet all our customers’ wishes, we had expanded our machinery. This allows us to increase our production capacity. Now we are able to produce printed labels even faster and deliver them to our customers.

7. Where it all started: eBay

Our company originated from astonishment: the expensive prices of labels. Richard Rensen, founder and owner of Zolemba, put an end to this in 2008. It all started with selling unprinted labels on eBay that lead and resulted to a huge success.


8. Fusion of label companies: EtiketXL & Labeldiscounter became Zolemba

The success with unprinted labels continued with the sale via Labeldiscounter. By investing in new machines it was also possible to produce printed labels that were sold via EtiketXL. In June 2017, Labeldiscounter and EtiketXL merged as one under the new name: Zolemba.

9. Diversity in Nationalities

Our team is growing more and more in different nationalities, languages and cultures. During lunch, we enjoy various specialties by occasionally cooking for each other. With at least 14 different nationalities, we feel multicultural. This enables us to provide customers at home and abroad with service they deserve.

10. Our webshop offers over 500 products

Zolemba offers 504 products to be exact. The range has expanded considerably over the years. In addition to blank labels, pre-printed labels and printed labels, Zolemba added various products to the collection in 2017. The most recent addition is printed tape. This item allows customers to equip their shipment with printed tape that has their own personal logo!

11. Zolemba is taking over the world!

Whether you are in the Netherlands, Spain or even in Poland, Zolemba delivers your order in time. We deliver to 32 countries and counting. Due to the variation in nationalities and languages, Zolemba can provide the desired service in many European countries.

12. Independant.

Zolemba is an independent organization that does not depend on a large company. The daily management is in the hands of the original founder and owner. This allows us to be flexible and implement new ideas, innovations and techniques!

13. Own CMS and website

Everything is possible at Zolemba. Every day we work with our self-built CMS and website. A CMS stands for Content Management System where we can adjust and apply directly on to our website. In addition, our own designed website can be fully adapted to our wishes. We are ready for the future.

14. New developments: Zolemba's time machine

At Zolemba we continue to invest in the future. We are expanding daily in existing markets and continue to seek opportunities to deliver in “new countries”. We also invest in innovative machines and talented staff.

15. Zolemba is one of the five users of the CVP-500 Neopost machine.

The CVP-500 Neopost machine carefully and efficiently packages all orders. The amount of cardboard used depends on the size of the shipment. As a result Zolemba saves a large amount of cardboard on an annual basis. We wink at the climate.

16.We produce in Haaksbergen: The Star of Twente

olemba is located in Haaksbergen. Haaksbergen is also known as “The Star of Twente” in Overijssel. All Zolemba products are produced in our own production park. Our products are therefore of Dutch manufacture.

17. Zolemba loves coffee

An average of 350 cups of coffee is consumed per day at Zolemba. We are crazy about coffee. We regularly drink a cup with colleagues and visitors.

18. Always a party on Friday

At Zolemba, we love to work hard, have fun and eat good food. Every Friday afternoon, there are special tasty sandwiches available on the menu. And at the end of the afternoon, we close the work week together with a snack and a toast to a pleasant and well-deserved weekend.

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