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  • Why should I print digital postage stamps?

    What are the advantages?

    -You always have the right shipping labels in-house
    -You never have to order postage stamps ever again
    -You will never have to put too many stamps on a package again
    -Your shipments get a more professional look


    What do I need?

    -A Labelwriter
    -The right format of compatible labels



    To print digital postage stamps you can use different Dymo LabelWriters:

    Dymo Labelwriter 450 Turbo
    Dymo Labelwriter 450 Twin Turbo
    Dymo Labelwriter 4XL


    Compatible Dymo labels

    You can choose one of these labels to print the digital postage stamps on:

    • compatible Dymo label 99010, 89mm x 28mm, white (SKU: S0722370)

    • compatible Dymo label 99012, 89mm x 36mm labels, white (SKU: S0722400)

    These two compatible labels are the popular Dymo address labels. The labels are also known as postage labels. The compatible Dymo labels 99010 and 99012 are suitable as address labels and stamp labels.

    To make it easier for beginners. we've created start-up packages!

    1 printer + 3 rolls of compatible Dymo labels 99010 be able to effortlessly print digital postage stamps.

  • The characteristics of thermal labels

    Thermal labels are becoming more and more popular in business organizations. The reason is that thermal labels are used in a direct thermal label printer that does not need ink or toner. The printer prints only with heat.  


    The biggest advantage of the thermal labels is that ink and toner are not needed because the printing is done by heat. The printers needed for this are called direct thermal printers. The product numbers of these printers often end with a D for direct. Some of the most popular printers are:

    Dymo LabelWriter 450
    Zebra GK 420D
    Brother P-touch QL-570



    The thermal labels are constructed of four layers.

    These layers are the following:


    Top coating (incl. back coating)

    Liner (= backing)


    Thanks to the four layers it is possible to print the labels with heat instead of ink.


    The thermal labels contain colours that can be activated by heat. The heat comes from the laser in the label printer that burns the thermal paper.

    If you want more information about thermal labels and the characteristics of thermal labels or direct thermal printers, contact our customer service at +31(0)53800602.

  • Request a free sample package

    You can request a free sample pack to get an overview of our printing quality and our range of materials. Our sample package includes all our offered materials with different adhesive types. This ensures that you will get a good feeling of how the materials look and feel including full-colour print. Here you can order a sample package or simply contact our customer services at +31(0)53-7370160,

  • Labels for a post mailing

    A large-scale mailing or direct mail is often used to reach customers in a direct but still personal way. A direct mail can be done by e-mail, fax or as a postage mailing. All three possibilities are still used (fax the least).

  • What do you need for a postage mailing

    Of course you will need a file with the customers data. Furthermore it is important that you have a unique idea. You should print the address details on address labels. The addresses can easily be printed with a labelwriter.

    The ideal combination to send direct postal mailing is the Dymo labelwriter 450 with the Dymo address labels. The standard formats of Dymo address labels are:
    - 89mm x 28mm (99010)

    - 89mm x 36mm (99012)

    - 101mm x 54mm (99014)

    - 70mm x 54mm (99015)

    - 54mm x 25mm (11352)

    - 102mm x 59mm (S0947420)

  • The different adhesives

    On our website you will find different types of adhesives available for some labels. These adhesives have different characteristics and possibilities.

    Our assortment ‘labels on a roll unprinted’ includes two types of glue. The permanent glue and the removable glue. Beneath you will find a description of the different types of adhesives.

    Permanent adhesive:

    The permanent glue is based on acrylic or is waterbased. The biggest advantage of permanent adhesive is that you cannot remove the label entirely. When trying to remove the label it will rip.

    Removable adhesive:

    The removable glue is made of a combination of acrylic and hotmelt. The advantage of removable adhesives is the ease of unsticking the labels from whatever surface. This is why removable glue is often used when the base is reused, for example bottles.

    The cleaning process is much easier when using removable labels. Removable glue is also suited for book covers, CD’s/DVD’s and folders.

    If the difference between permanent and removable glue is not clear yet or if you need more information about the possibilities, feel free to ask our customer service to help and advise you.

  • Different labels for shipment

    Every year, millions of packages are shipped globally. All of these packages have to be stamped before they can be shipped. There are different possibilities to do this depending on the number of packages you ship.

    The three most used printers used in the office environment are:

    1. A laser printer or inkjet printer; these printers use A4 label sheets. For many companies that do not ship a big amount of packages, this is the ideal solution. Most of these companies already have a laser printer or inkjet printer in the office.

    2. A thermal printer without ribbon; these thermal printers only use rolls with labels. These labels are made of thermal paper and are printed with heat. The heat activates the ink in the thermal paper. These printers are indicated with a ‘D’ for direct thermal. One example of such a printer is the Zebra GK420D.

    3. A thermal printer with ribbon; these thermal printers use ribbon in combination with label rolls. This ribbon or transfer ribbon is heated which makes the ink stay on the label after printing. The printers that use ribbon are indicated with a ‘T’ which stands for ‘thermal’. One of the printers that use ribbon is the Zebra GK420T.

    The most used shipping labels come from the brand's Brother, Dymo and Zebra:



    - compatible Brother labels DK-22243, 102mm x 30,48 meter

    - compatible Brother labels DK-11241, 102mm x 152mm


    - compatible Dymo labels 99014, 101mm x 54mm

    - compatible Dymo labels S0904980, 104mm x 159mm


    - compatible Zebra labels 102mm x 150mm, met een 25mm kern

    - compatible Zebra labels 102mm x 150mm, met een 76mm kern

    - compatible Zebra labels 100mm x 50mm, met een 25mm kern

  • How to assemble a Brother holder and insert a Brother plate to a Brother holder

    Below you will find instructions on how to assemble a Brother holder and how to insert the plate properly into the holder. The combination of these steps will result in your labels to properly function with your Brother printer.



    1. Arrange and lay the three holder parts in the following order, 

    2. Clasp Part 2 into Part 1

    3. Slide the Brother label roll into Part 2 with the black squares on the side of Part 1

    4. Fasten the roll by connecting Part 3 to Part 2.

    5. Insert the corresponding Brother plate to the foot of Part 1. Be mindful of the placement of the plates. i.e. The tip of the arrow is facing towards holder. Insert the plate firmly. Press the edge of the plate towards the holder so that the label is tightly fitted.







  • My Brother plate does not fit into my Brother holder, what now?

    Do you have a Brother QL-500, Brother QL-550, or a Brother QL-560 Labelwriter? 

    It's possible that our Brother plates do not fit with these models of Brother printers.

    A small alteration would then be needed on your Zolemba Brother Holder in order for them to work properly with your Brother printer.


    Below are instructions on how to crop your Brother plate + holder.


Together we can improve the environment!
To help conserve the environment and minimize packaging waste, this product is only available in packs of label rolls. This also gives you a discount.