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Payment methods

  • What are the possible payment methods?

    * Prepayment / Bank transfer

    * PayPal
    * Credit Card

  • How does prepayment work?

    Prepayment/ bank transfer means that you pay the bill amount in advance. You can transfer the money from your account online.


    • Prepayment is safe and comes without extra costs
    • Keep in mind that the transfer can take up to 3 days
    • Report the order number you find in your order confirmation
  • How does a credit card payment work?

    At Zolemba, you can pay with a Mastercard, VISA or a Maestro card. The payment is fulfilled through a SSL-secured server that sends your credit card details enciphered. After verification, your order will be directly sent.



    • No payment fees
    • Your credit card data is secured and will not be saved
  • Can I buy on credit?

    Please contact our customer service for further Terms and Conditions regarding purchasing 'on credit account' at  +31(0)53-7370160.

  • Is my payment proceeded via a secured internet connection?

    All payments proceed through a SSL-secured server. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. This is the most popular security protocol.

    How to verify if your internet connection is secured:

    • HTTP is replaced by https
    • The lock is shown. The connection between the browser and the server is now safe. If you do not see the lock, the connection is not secure.
  • I live outside the Netherlands and do not have to pay VAT, what do I have to do?

    If you obtain a valid VAT number and live outside the Netherlands, but within the EU then you are not subjected to pay for VAT. This is called an intra-community delivery.
    When opening a new account you have to submit your VAT number for verification. 

    When the report states "valid", that informs you that do not have to pay for VAT.


    Please contact our customer service for any questions or concerns at +31(0)53-7370160.



  • I falsely had to pay VAT, how can I fix this?

    Please consider the following if you were charged to pay for VAT:

    • The incorrect VAT number was applied
    • No VAT number was initially added
    • VAT number is invalid

    Check if your VAT number is marked ‘valid’. You can modify your VAT number in account settings.

    In the event that you had been mistakenly charged for VAT, please contact our customer service at +31(0)53-7370160.



  • When do I receive the invoice?

    You will receive an emailed invoice shortly after your order has been placed.

  • Can I receive my invoice again?

    You can review your invoices in your account and print them as a PDF. 

    Refer to your account and go to "My orders" to view your order history. Click on the order to review your invoice. 

  • Where do I find the payment conditions?

    You can find our payment specficiations in our Terms and Conditions. This can be found in the footer of our website.

  • How can I change my invoice address?

    In step 3 of the order process you can change the invoice address. You can also change the addresses in your account.

  • What is the payment period for buying on credit?

    Zolemba conducts a payment period of 14 days.

  • Do I receive the invoice with my order?

    You will receive an invoice via email as soon as you place an order. 

  • When will I be credited?

    As soon as we send you a credit invoice you will receive the crediting within 7 days. If you paid in advance or on credit we need your IBAN/ bank number. If you paid with PayPal or credit card you will be credited on your PayPal account or your credit card account.

  • The invoice address on my invoice is wrong. Can this be changed?

    Yes. We kindly ask you to send us the correct address to service@zolemba.com and we will modify the address for you.

  • My VAT number does not work

    A VAT number is obligatory. If your VAT number is not working please try again later. For questions please call our customer service at +31 (0)53-7370160.

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