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Zolemba is live! What does this mean for you?

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Our new website is live! After years of preparation we’re ready! Zolemba is the new website for ordering white labels on rolls and full color (printed) labels. We’re pretty excited with our new website and so should you.



Printed labels and white labels on one website

The biggest news is that we now offer printed labels and white labels on one website. Before this change we had separated the two on separate websites: EtiketXL and LabelDiscounter.


LabelDiscounter offered white labels on rolls. These are labels that you use for your labelprinter to print for example:



EtiketXL offered printed labels.


Now we have everything under one roof: Zolemba. The website for your white labels and printed labels.


Important: you’ve received a mail from us when you already have an account. Because of the change we ask you to control your account. This will be a few minutes.

Your advantages

Here are some advantages that this website brings.

1. Improved user experience


Easier to find products

The most used functionality of a website is the navigation. During the development we’ve paid attention to the usability of the navigation.


An improved search functionality

It’s now possible to find products by using the search field on top of the website without going to category pages. So when you’re searching for Dymo 99012 you’ll see directly some suggestions when typing the product - like the auto search of Google.


Find products fast with filters

There’s a big chance you’ve seen filters on websites. Did you find products faster? Probably. We also have filters now!


Our new filter functionality

2. Sophisticated configurator

I want to introduce to you our advanced configurator!


Those who have ordered custom labels before through EtiketXL or LabelDiscounter knows our configurator. It’s a custom design tool that lets you create and order your own custom made labels.


In the past we received and checked your order manually. When the files didn’t match with our delivery specifications we contacted you that the files aren’t well formatted.


This process is now automated which means that your file will be checked directly after submission. Hours or days are reduced to minutes!


Because of this automated process your order will be produced much sooner.


3. Order previous orders faster

The last big advantage is a faster way of reordering previous orders. There’s a button in your account which enable this.


When you click on the re-order button you’ll be redirected directly to the order process. Just check the product, order it and wait for your package at location.


Reorder previous orders fast


What’s your opinion about our new website?


Together we can improve the environment!
To help conserve the environment and minimize packaging waste, this product is only available in packs of label rolls. This also gives you a discount.